I was born Alice McKnight, in 1935, on a farm near Uxbridge, Ontario, where I swam in a creek, skated on ponds, rode calves and slid in the hay. I went to a one-room school, spent three years at a country high school and a year as a special non-academic art student in a four-year, art-and-academic course at Danforth Technical High School, Toronto. I apprenticed as a paste-up artist in a large commercial art studio, became a lettering artist and, eventually, a graphic designer. Everything was done by hand, it was great fun, and I learned skills and shortcuts that I use today in watercolour painting. I married a skier-sailor, Stan Cowan. Our sons, Crispin and James, dogs, cats and kittens, snakes and turtles, enriched our lives. We built a ski cabin and finished a raw 28’ sailboat. I saw the north shore of Georgian Bay, with green, green moss on the untouched forest floor of a Crown-land island. I began to paint in 1981, and, in 1989, we moved to The Town of the Blue Mountains on the shores of Georgian Bay.

Alice Cowan

Copyright 2012 Alice Cowan, watercolor artist, author of Composition.